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Shi Zen is a system that uses the Universal life-force energy to channel the healing vibrations available in nature. It can be used together with Reiki to enhance Reiki treatments or as a healing system on its own.

If you like working with aromatherapy or crystals, you can bring through the vibrations of appropriate essential oils or crystals as part of a treatment using Shi Zen. You can do the same with Bach Flower Remedies and other flower essences. If you like working with Native American Indian Medicine, you can bring through the healing vibrations of animals. Other elements of nature can also be applied in the same way, for example, the vibrations of sunlight and moonlight.

It is not necessary to have the physical items (e.g. crystals or essential oils) in order to work with their healing vibrations. Shi Zen will manifest the vibrations of whatever you request, in an energy form that you will be able to channel through your hands.

You donít need any expertise in aromatherapy, crystal healing etc. to use Shi Zen. The system contains many predefined sets of healing vibrations to choose from, each designed for a specific healing purpose. (You can download the Shi Zen Level 1 manual below, to view the predefined vibration sets.) You can also make up your own sets. For more information on the use of vibration sets, click here.

To enhance a Reiki treatment, Shi Zen is invoked at the beginning of the treatment, along with one or more individual vibrations or vibration sets. From there, the treatment is carried out in the same manner as you would normally give your Reiki treatment. Hand positions, symbols, absent healing techniques, etc. can all be used in the usual fashion. The additional healing vibrations will be automatically drawn through during the treatment, as needed for the receiver's Highest Good at the time.

Treatments can also be given using Shi Zen alone, without invoking Reiki. The Shi Zen energy is similar to Reiki but denser, and is generally felt more physically in the body than Reiki. Pure Shi Zen treatments have a rich, earthy, "organic" feel. They are grounding, and bring the receiver into the physical body and the present moment.

Shi Zen (pronounced "Shee Zen") is a Japanese phrase meaning "Nature" or "100% natural". A treatment leaves you feeling connected with nature.




The Development of Shi Zen

Shi Zen was born in 1999 when, during meditation, Peter Chapman experienced a spontaneous initiation which empowered him with a form of healing energy similar to Reiki. When this energy was first channelled through the hands it went through three phases. On the first day it came through as intense "sun" energy. On the second day it came through as dense "earth" energy. On the third day it changed again, becoming balanced and feeling like a dense form of Reiki.

The system was initially named Taiyo Chikyu, meaning "Sun Earth" in Japanese. In 2000 it was renamed Shi Zen. The change in name brought about a shift in vibration, making the energy more subtle. In 2005 the technique of channelling healing vibrations from nature was incorporated.



Quan Yin


Quan Yin, the eastern goddess of mercy, compassion and healing, is associated with Shi Zen and can be called upon to assist in treatments.



Lao Tzu


The Ascended Master Lao Tzu is also associated with Shi Zen and can be called upon to assist in treatments. Lao Tzu was an old Chinese sage, whose teachings became the foundation of Taoism. Lao Tzu helps to heal on the spiritual level by working to:

  • Increase trust in divine order, divine wisdom, divine planning and divine purpose

  • Develop the ability to move intuitively from within, in natural harmony with the divine flow of the universe.





A third guide associated with Shi Zen is Gaia - the living, sentient consciousness and soul of the planet earth itself. Gaia can also be called upon to assist in treatments.


Even if you are not attuned to Shi Zen, you can still call upon any or all of the above Shi Zen guides at any time - for guidance, support, healing and help regarding any issue in your life. They are here to help. Just say a little prayer in your mind, calling upon them, explaining your situation or issue and asking for their help. Be sure to also thank them for their help.


Shi Zen Level 2

Shi Zen Level 2 raises the vibration of the Shi Zen energy and deepens your connection with the Earth, with Nature and with the healing vibrations from nature. It also brings in the ability to channel the healing energies of The Faeries as part of a treatment. The Faeries themselves work very closely with Nature. To meet the Faeries and find out more about them, see The Faerie Portal.



Treatments by distant healing are available to anywhere in the world for AUD $35 each and go for approximately 45 minutes. Treatments by distant healing will be placed in the Cosmic Healing Bank for you to receive at your convenience.



Attunement to Shi Zen Level 1 and 2 is currently being offered for free, by distant healing, to anywhere in the world. Reiki II is a prerequisite for Shi Zen Level 1.

It takes a minimum of 1 month to fully integrate Level 1 before you can begin Level 2.

(For free distant attunements that are available to people who have not learnt Reiki, see The Reiki/Sekhem Personal Growth Accelerator.)


The Shi Zen Level 1 and Level 2 manuals are available for viewing and downloading. They are in PDF format so you will need Adobe/Acrobat Reader to read or print them. If you do not have one of these, you can download Adobe Reader for free from

Click below to view the manuals:

Shi Zen Level 1 manual

Shi Zen Level 2 manual



To request free attunement to Shi Zen, please contact Peter Chapman.


For contact details and information about Peter Chapman, click here.


See also the Shi Zen Facebook discussion/support group - click here.




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