The Labyrinth


This is an exercise for developing your intuition and your connection with the Ascended Masters. (If you have not yet met the Ascended Masters, see Greetings from the Ascended Masters.) You begin by thinking of a number between 1 and 16, and the object of the exercise is to find that number. The labyrinth contains many rooms. In each room you will meet two Ascended Masters and will be presented with two doors. Each door leads to another room. The Ascended Masters will intuitively guide you as to which doors to choose, leading you through the labyrinth to find your chosen number.


Carry out the exercise as follows:

Request the assistance of the Ascended Masters by saying the following invocation, aloud or in your mind:

"I call upon the Ascended Masters."

Wait a few moments and imagine their presence manifesting. Then continue:

"Dear Ascended Masters, please connect with me now and guide me through the labyrinth to find my chosen number. Thank you."

Choose a number between 1 and 16.

Enter the labyrinth by clicking the door at the bottom of this page. You will find yourself in the first room and will be presented with two Ascended Masters, each with a door beneath them. One of the Ascended Masters will be intuitively saying to you, "My door is the one to choose." The other will be saying, "My door is not the one to choose."

Take your time looking at the Ascended Masters. Choose one of them and try to tune in to them and connect with them. See if you can intuitively feel what they are telling you. Then look at the other one. Try to tune in to them and connect with them. See if you can intuitively feel what they are telling you. Now compare the feelings you get from each of them and decide which door is the one to choose. Click on that door.

Next you will find yourself in another room with two more Ascended Masters and two more doors. Repeat the same process here and choose the door that you think is the right one.

Continue this process. After you have been through four rooms, the last door will reveal a number. If this is your chosen number, congratulations! Your intuition is working very well and you are connecting well with the Ascended Masters.

If the number is not the number you were thinking of, don't be discouraged. Few people will find their number the first time. You can use the back links at the bottom of the pages to backtrack and try alternative choices, again listening your intuition.

Intuition is a very valuable tool and it develops with use. The more you look to it for help and listen to it, the better it works. Even just trying to sense your intuition will stimulate its development. Intuition speaks softly and  gently to you through subtle feelings and knowingness, and tends to make you feel calm and at peace. The logical mind and the ego, on the other hand, speak in harder, louder and more obvious ways. In comparison with intuition, they tend more to make you feel slightly rigid, agitated or fearful.

If you practice this exercise regularly, there is a good chance that in time you will be able to develop your intuition and your connection with the Ascended Masters to the point where you can find your chosen number. To meet all the Ascended Masters in the labyrinth, over time work your way through the numbers from 1 to 16 (but not necessarily in order).

You can also use the labyrinth for developing your connection with guidance from your Higher Self (your own higher consciousness). Use the same procedure with the following exception:

To begin with, call upon your Higher Self instead of the Ascended Masters, to guide you through the labyrinth to find your chosen number. Your Higher Self also speaks to you through your intuition. As you move through the rooms, imagine it is your Higher Self talking to you through the pictures of the Ascended Masters, guiding you as to which doors to choose.

The images of the Ascended Masters appearing in the labyrinth have been made available by the artist Peter Fich Christiansen. See:

to visit his website for information about these and other Ascended Masters.



Click the door below to enter the labyrinth:




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