Cosmic Laws




Below is a selection of Cosmic Laws (also known as Universal Laws)
related to the Law of Attraction:



The Law Of Tenfold Return

The Law Of Tenfold Return is that Universal Principle wherein gifts freely given for Spiritual Use return to the grantor good fortune equal to or greater than ten times the loss. This Law works on the principle that when a vacuum is created it must be filled, when a seed is magically planted, it will bear fruit greater that its weight and original value.



The Law Of Vibration

The Law Of Vibration states that any vibration which is sent out for good, for service, increases into higher frequencies as it moves through space, until it returns to its origin, bringing the gifts of those higher frequencies.

Forces drawing on vibration for selfish purposes of lust, power and greed, drawing these forces into themselves, will receive vibrations that decrease in their frequency level, moving into lower frequencies as they enter into one’s being, requiring that the being needs another “fix” of incoming vibration and energy, then another, and another, as though one were addicted.

Magnetism, the drawing of energy, decreases the vibratory rate while radiance, the giving forth of energy, increases its vibratory rate. Wherein entities radiate good, those energies increase into higher frequencies, bringing back good. Wherein entities send for the selfish energies, those energies bring back, as magnets, the lower vibrational forces.



The Law Of Prosperity

The Law Of Prosperity states that one prospers in direct proportion to the enjoyment one receives in seeing the prosperity of oneself and others. And that one’s prosperity is denied in direct proportion to one’s feeling of guilt for being prosperous, or at the envy and hostility one feels for witnessing other’s prosperity. This Law states that when one prospers all may prosper.

The Law Of Prosperity works for those who hold images, feelings, actions, dialogue, and attitudes associated with beauty, joy, love and prosperity, and works against those who hold images, feelings, actions, dialogues and attitudes associated with ugliness, self-pity, complaints, envy and hostility toward oneself or any other person, group, race, or class.

Those who think, feel, act and speak of themselves as being poor and needy must spend three times the energy for the same prosperity received by those who think, feel, act, and speak of themselves as being wealthy and prosperous. An attitude that dwells in depression leads to the way of physical, spiritual, mental, social and financial depression.

Those who maintain prosperous attitudes, even in states of poverty, are foreign to such states and will not be allowed to remain out of place in those poverty situations, but will instead be deported to those prosperous states where such prosperous attitudes belong.



The Law Of Divine Manifestation

The Law Of Divine Manifestation requires a manifestor to believe in the principle that whatever is needed for one’s growth and fruition will be supplied by the Universe, for whatever price the manifestor truly believes is fair. But the manifestor must believe he or she truly has the right to receive the manifestation at the price of energy cost the entity believes is fair.

If it is a worthy request, and the manifestor believes it is allotted at the time of asking, it will come. A worthy request, expressed through prayer, imaging, ritual or whatever method, is anything that harms no one, but benefits all involved. It is a win-win relationship. Anything that harms another, either in the process or the outcome of manifestation, is not of the Divine and will carry a karmic debt.



The Law Of Projection

The Law Of Projection states that the film that projects, depicts, and creates the events of one’s life story, is stored within one’s consciousness, and can only be changed from within. The intimate conversations, attitudes, and the relationship one has within one’s own consciousness, is reflected in experiences on the outer screen of life; one is both the camera and projector of his life story.

Those who wish to see a world premier of new and joyous experiences instead of reruns, trash films, soap operas, tragedies, illness and hostilities, must refuse to bring or to allow such films, concepts or images to enter their theaters or be filed into their storage banks. Those who seek out, allow, or enjoy filming such trash do surely fill their cameras with the material that may eventually become part of their outward life. Those who allow only the highest, clearest and the best thoughts, ideas, words, experiences and images to enter their studio shall create and project films that show a life of joy and art.



The Law Of The Sub-Conscious Mind

The Sub-conscious mind is not able to distinguish fact from fiction. If it is convinced a false statement is true, it will act as if it were true. If it is convinced a hot ember is cool, it will not experience a burn. If convinced a piece of ice is red hot, it will experience a burn.

If convinced you are a failure, it will make sure that you fail. If it receives conflicting data, it will produce conflicting results. If it is convinced that you can do great and near impossible feats, it will act to make these things occur. It is truly the “Genie in the bottle”, which grants your wishes according to the “commands” you give it in the “intimate conversations you have with yourself”.



The Law Of Happiness

The Law Of Happiness as that Law which states that it is not who you are, what you do, or what you have that determines happiness, but how you feel about who you are, what you do, and what you have.



The Law Of Patience

The Law Of Patience states that all things must have their time and their season whereby they may work their action to proper fruition.



The Law Of Gratitude

The Law Of Gratitude is that sense of satisfaction in knowing that energy, which has been given, receives its certain reward according to its nature. Energy that is given moves out on that curved and unequal line, and when extended far enough, can only return to its source bearing its appropriate gifts.



The Law Of Leverage

The future is never fixed. The future depends on what is occurring in the present, and a change in consciousness at present will effect a change in future experiences. This is related to The Law Of Leverage: wherein a small amount of energy exerted to change the course of events at a present time (at the right moment) can move mountains in the future.



The Law Of Thought

Energy follows thought; those who wish to energize, need only to direct their thoughts toward that target which needs energizing.



The Law Of The Tao (Pronouced “Dow”)

The Law Of the Tao is that Law which sees time as a screen upon which all things are projected and all movements upon that screen are moments in the Here and Now. Any entity who is attuned to the Tao is more alive for that attunement.



The Law Of Karma (Simplified)

The principle, rule or “Law” of Karma, is that principle associated with cause and effect; it is the result that comes from an action, this can be positive or negative. Karma can be perceived as “Good” or “Bad”, but in reality is nothing more than the result of an action taken. It is not a punishment nor a reward, it is a result. Only the “Law of Grace”, which is administered by Divine Intervention, can alter the result of an action to overcome The Law Of Karma or Cause and Effect.



The Law Of Poverty

The Law Of Poverty states that to the degree one withholds one’s productivity and energy in hopes someone else will offer theirs instead, to that same degree, an entity earns and experiences poverty.

A SECOND aspect of poverty comes to any who are productive and giving, but who fail to properly take hold and claim their proper reward in a suitable manner.

A THIRD aspect of poverty comes to those who attempt to unfairly claim the energies of another.

A FOURTH aspect of poverty is that which comes to those who have been convinced that they are unworthy or incapable of having anything of value, because they are fated or destined or “karmically cursed” to be in poverty, and by such belief they accept their suffering plight.

A FIFTH aspect of poverty comes to those who are given everything to make them happy, but have not learned that happiness must be generated from attitudes within or outer benefits will bring little or no relief.




Source of these laws: Cosmic Awareness Channelings

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